The first letter a long time, "Ya-chi"
2009-7-24 20:56:22
December 20, 2007 afternoon, I am the Secretary of Foreign Trade Shanghai Institute of International Economic and Trade Institute of the long-letter "Ya-chi" corporate scholarship signing ceremony, ceremony and the first information in the floor, Institute of Foreign Trade held in Lecture Hall 300. Zhang, general manager, deputy general manager Wang Ming, director of the Office of Tanghong, office Xu Hui, as well as foreign trade, deputy party secretary of the Institute, Vice-President Wei floor, economy and trade, Dean NIE Qing, vice president of Shenyuliang,Zhangzhongliang, Director of Logistics Management Yang xiao aiattended the ceremony and the presentation ceremony.


     Foreign Trade College and Wei, deputy secretary of the first floor, the floor to congratulate the winning students, and our scholarships encourage students to set up enterprises said. NIE Qing-Economic Institute president and general manager Zhang rate both the House of Representatives has said, they pointed out that university students should be "the letter, Blair, Moses" as the goal, self-motivation, study hard, work hard and strive to become the future society. Subsequently, the NIE Qing Zhang, general manager of the President and the letter on a long time, "Ya-chi," the company signed a scholarship agreement. At a prize presentation ceremony, participants and guests to the leadership of six award-winning students were awarded certificates and prizes, the award-winning student representative on the award-winning Sun M reflections.
     After the ceremony, Wang Yiming, deputy general manager on the current development of the logistics industry as well as the needs of entrepreneurs made a speech, on-site students actively ask questions, a warm atmosphere. Finally, the award-winning students and the leadership of all participants, guests posed for pictures.
     Our long-established letter "Ya-chi" Enterprise has completed the third year scholarships for academic Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade and Economic College students, the total amount of annual bonuses for 20,000 yuan. The scholarship is divided into a first prize, second prize two, three third prizes. Assessment of students applying for scholarships to take the system and enterprise system of Final Appeal, the applicant is required of all participating school guidance plan for the course of teaching accomplishments GPA above 3.0.