A long time the second letter "Ya-chi"
2009-7-24 20:56:29
December 23, 2008 afternoon, the Shanghai Oriental Hisanobu Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade Group's second session, "Ya-chi" enterprises in the information scholarship presentation ceremony held in Lecture Hall 526 Building. Hisanobu Oriental Group Co., Ltd. Zhang, general manager, deputy general manager Wang Yiming, vice president of the Shanghai Foreign Trade College Xuxiaohui, economy and trade, Dean NIE Qing, Vice Minister of school students, Deputy Director Yan Lung, economic and trade Zhang dongliang Associate Dean, the party Yu Zhen, deputy secretary of , director of logistics professionals attended the presentation ceremony Yangxiaoai.
     The award presentation ceremony, Vice-President Xuxiaohui his speech to thank the group of economic and trade Hisanobu college students become the loving care of, and the award-winning students expressed their heartfelt congratulations. She pointed out that the winners of this year's more awareness of social responsibility, active life at the university to bear all kinds of social work, really in all aspects played an exemplary role. At the same time, the award-winning students, she also put forward higher requirements, I hope they work hard after graduation to repay society, enterprises, and to his alma mater. NIE Qing-president with the guests and students of the College of the face of the employment exchange of the test response: "stick", "Reflections", "improvement." She said that the College should solicit advice businesses and graduates in the development of self-innovation. Zhang, general manager of the once very much concerned about the financial crisis to the students the impact of employment, and hopes that co-operation platform for high school to help students in the employment process and fully understand the situation, identify location, put the mentality.
     After the ceremony, Wang Yiming, deputy general manager on the current development of the logistics industry as well as the needs of entrepreneurs made a speech, on-site students actively ask questions, a warm atmosphere. Finally, the award-winning students and the leadership of all participants, guests posed for pictures.
     I successfully held last year after the inaugural ceremony, a letter a long time, "Ya-chi" corporate scholarship students at the Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade has aroused enthusiastic response in the enterprise to set up scholarships for outstanding students inspire more to enhance professional learning, and actively participate in social practice and enhance their own overall quality. This year, six students and award. Yan Huan students the first prize winner of the award-winning students on behalf of all the award-winning speech.